lunes, 13 de febrero de 2012

Bilingüismo en Magisterio

Today, the first time, two subjects of the first course of the Teacher's Degree of Primary Education and not of English philology, they are going to be given in English:

Good morning! It is an honour for me to present the first experience of teaching two disciplinary subjects in English.
Bilingualism is a reality in our Region that has several public and private schools that develop the curriculum in two languages.
Learning a second language is a necessity in the current European framework that we are living in. To be able to communicate in a foreign language is a basic competence in a global world.
Bilingualism is one of the “mention” or speciality of the Teacher Degree.
This experience aims to give you a major competence in English as it is used as a vehicular language.
Three members of our teaching staff are going to be responsible for this formative opportunity. They are Lucia Tomas, Rebeca Soler and Javier Sarsa. We are aware that it will probably require a bigger effort from you, but ultimately it will be worth while.
 I will not speak very much because my pronunciation it is not very good, but I hope you have understood me.
I studied French and speak it with difficulty, BUT I had a need to speak Italian and I speak it with total fluency, with mistakes, but the Italians understand me and I have even given lessons in Italian in Bergamo.
Our wish is that you can communicate with people who do not speak Spanish, in and outside of Spain. So, we encourage you to make the most of this opportunity and to overcome possible barriers in communication due to shyness or lack of fluency.

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